Saturday, May 30, 2009

Still Awake at 2:15 am!

It's 2:15 am and I am awake! Tried catching some sleep earlier specially after a tiring afternoon. Went to Nehru Place to get my Lappy upgraded.

Had raajma chaawal after so long. Mum's been away from me for about 13 days now. Never cooked rice in between. Have plans though, tomorrow :)

What have I been cooking these days? click here

Kinda like weekend cooking. Not on weekdays though. :(

Saw a sweet comedy just now- Four Weddings and a Funeral. Nice movie. Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) with a good cameo! Had me in splits! :D

It's begun to rain outside. Feeling a slight chill now with vest and bermuda being my summer wardrobe!

I think I'll catch some sleep now. Asta La Vista.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Faking it !

Scared to see your face in the Mirror
For a fear that it will show the remains
Shattering the aura of lies encompassing
The body of Shallow bones and veins

No sleep before the family
No Drinks before the friends
Lest the lips would move uttering words
Which would bring "the fake" to ends

Saying "Keep Smiling" to everyone
But not to the little corner in your heart
Disguising appearance is one thing
Disguising emotions is an Art

Thou may look strong to you
But the weakness burns inside like acid
Check before the damage gets irreversible
Or else the annihilation is sure Tacit...

Ctrl+z - part2

I typed in something and then I deleted it....

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Now I really don't know what should be the title of this post. Because there is no agenda for this one. Just felt like a Dumbledore who wanted to shed some memoirs into the pensieve. (GOD I ACTUALLY GOOGLED TO FIND THE ORDER OF "i" and "e" IN THE LAST WORD)

Hmmmm so a Saturday, which was spent leisurely till 7:45pm when I left for IIM K Alumni Meet. Was good fun meeting with future classmates, seniors and Alumni. Danced a bit on the floor. Almost went crazy when "In the end-Linkin Park" was played. There are times in life when you wish you shouldn't have watched Television from a couple of feets distance, in childhood. My glasses (-1.75) always create problems when I start to head-bang.

Food and people were good. Seems two years time ahead is going to be a memorable duration. Last two years in college.....

I wish I could have remained more in college. But for that I would need to do a PHD and then apply for lectureship. But I don't exactly fancy that. Because profs aren't even a light year close to be a part of College fun, instead they are a vital ingredient for College Pun!

The names that students rechristen their profs with are as interesting as what FIP did with SRK, Sreesanth, Agarkar and funniest of them all Sanjay Bangar.

Watched American Pie- 6 (Beta House) earlier this week. Nice college ;) Nicer Sports day (they call it Greek Olympiad).

And of course I am delighted that RCB beat CSK to reach the finals. It was a tough decision to forfeit the match viewing for IIM K alumni meet. But I thought, If RCB won I would have been delighted anyways but if it lost, I could have repented my decision of not going to the Alumni meet.

Now as its 3:00 am and I can see this post getting as vague and off-track as a Middle-aged lady on her car after attending "15 din mein driving seekho- classes",
I should pause now. YAAAAAAWWWWWNNNN..... BUT, I WIL BE BACK!!

Bless All

Monday, May 4, 2009


Kinchit mann ki duvidha kinchit
Dridhta-abhaav sanshay kar sanchit
Mastishq sanrachna itni jatil hai
Sadharanta se koson vanchit

Vividh vichaaron ka ho sangam
Naag ko odhe khada hai chandan
Kar sakat vikalpon ko vicharsang
Kal ka Aaj kare abhinanadan

Ek raah pakad sanlagn sadeiv
Katihinayi bhi aaye yadeiv
Paras patthar si kathin parisha
Kar utteerna fir karen sameeksha