Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ek chhoti si "X" Story!!- Part 1

[DISCLAIMER: "X" is for relationship that didn't have a name...its not adult rated :) ...The term "X" courtsey: Ms. Divya Arya]

He was out of breath. Bad chest congestion was doing him in for last couple of weeks. The 15 Kg suitcase and two carry bags were not helping either. Somehow he managed to climb those zillion stairs reaching to the first level of metro station.

Collecting some breath after getting the token, he rushed for the platform. There was a train stalled already, with doors waiting for 10 seconds to get closed. He was about to enter when he saw the terminal station, it was bound to, wasn't Noida. He was confused wondering whether he had landed on a wrong platform. He asked a middle-aged person sitting comfortably in a seat in front of him-"Uncle would this train go to Noida?". The man showed expression of being clueless.

Before even asking other alongside him, they were already throwing the same expression. He had got it correctly from the person sitting on counter, he remembered- "Go to Platform 2". And here he was on platform 2 but utterly confused. It wasn't like either he was new to delhi or even the metro for that sake. Yet he was undecided what to do standing a feet away from entrance which would close in another 5 seconds from now.

Just when he had made up his mind to board the next train, a soft voice from the left, from the seat he couldn't see echoed- "Hey come in! Board this one! you will have to change at Yamuna Bank". He saw a spectacles clad, glossed lips girl making gesture to him with her left hand. In her right hand was a book that had some mathematical figures and a picture of a Computer.

Then the voice spoke again- "Even I have to change metro at YamunaBank". And his legs moved in with the luggage. The door almost closed instantaneously. He saw the complete face. He wanted to say much more but could mutter just "Thanks". She smiled, meaning a "Welcome" and got back to her book. He settled himself in a seat just opposite to her, yet struggling with his luggage.

The train started..the journey was long...more than 30 stations in between... be continued..... Part 2

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ahem ahem!! A recap!

Continuing from where I left things in last blog "I will be back soon"

Well the time referred to those last few days of every term spent in an IIM. Project submissions 5 in 4 days. And as usual nothing is ready till the last hour preceding the deadline.

But no matter how trivially we treat these project topics, they affect one sub-consciously. I worked upon a project related to Environment and it did make me aware of things I wasn't and ways in which we could make a difference.

Similarly, I enjoyed working upon a business case dealing with problems after acquisitions and mergers.

In order of not getting technically boring, I would rather rather make a shift from this nerdy discussion.

So what was all hep a kicking in past three months.

1) Footvibes
I tried my hand (rather legs) at dancing and guess what the poor fellows have made me the dance club's co-ordinator for next year. :D According to them the club needed passionate people. And I dance decently waise :)

We won 2nd prize (of total 11) in a local inter-college dance competition but lost it out in Backwaters :(

We were absolutely no match for those Engg. guys and gals...but that's not going to deter us from trying :)

A funny pic!! :)

2. RJing
I started Rjing for our 'K'ampus radio: Kdio! Had decent responses! have plans to continue it this year too.

3. Compered the Fashion Show and K-Nite!
The thing happened accidently. Got great reviews. They plan to get me on stage more often and I have extensive plans to ruin things out for them! HAHA

4. Gymming: A lost effort
Started and after a few weeks same old story. These love handles are so attached to me. Don't know what exactly is the case: either they feel they look best with me or I look best with them :P

Yeah yeah managed that all in between of 8 courses , 90% attendance, 5 projects, 24 Quizzes,16 term tests and on-off cold (that justifies the blog title)

Chalo let's see how the stay in Delhi turns out to be!!

Cheers Mates

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

M coming back!

Watch out for this space!!