Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A "hitting" mail from yesteryears!!!

Subject: Privet,yia sou,bonjour, hejsa, 你好- HI
To: :):):)

Hi There,

Firstly, apologies for using your official ID. Your confusing smile says- I won't be reported to "Ethics Hotline". Thanks :)

But, I guess giving you a ring on mobile or straightaway coming to your desk and calling HELLOs would have become more awkward for you than what this is.

Before moving ahead with further read, just make sure you are not in between any urgent piece of work. Take your time and come back catching up with this, once you are sure I am not occupying you at the cost of some work. :)

Secondly this is not a date mail. :) It really doesn't make a difference to me whether you are already engaged (you would be, i guess) or not.

So let me share this account of mine before anything else:

I joined sometime in Sep-07. We used to sit at the place adjacent to breakaway area in C6.

So as I moved a BPO environment, I was expecting to see a lot of beautiful (read Hot) females. I was disappointed a bit. And then I asked my collegues- "So who's the top rated of them all?" and all three pointed towards a y-bay in my front with CAM saying board hanging above. And I see a tall fair lady deeply engrossed in her work. [oops she's so focussed...kahin mujhe ghoorte dekh liya, toe I mite get reported to Ethics Hotline :(]

I couldn't go near at that time. Because boss called us -"Guys Teleconf here ...now". After the conf, our conversation pursued. One said -"Mann, one day when I become a great Director, I will declare my love for her in a press Interview" We all laughed!!!! (The guy is an assistant director now for Mahesh Bhatt and he hasn't forgotten his pledge)

Other said -"She scores 8.85/10 and hence is the best" Another said - "She seems the only beauty with brains we have here"

None of the three is in the organisation now and I am the fourth one, scheduled to leave soon to IIM Kozhikode (you know that, I guess). All three said- "Usko bata ke jana, how much she was admired by us. Usko fark nahin padta ...still"

Sometimes in life, one stumbles upon some people who can't stop oozing a good amount curiosity about themselves. I found you one of them. A person, I should at least once chat with, know a bit, discuss interests and other trivia, which would let me know you.

So here am I, in my full sense of insanity typing this out and sending to your's official ID, which you may see tomorrow in your mailbox. I sincerely hope you don't share this with any of your bouncer friends :) (if you have any)

All this time you might be wondering: why a mail. Why not come over to your desk and chat a bit over there or at Barista (terrace).


I hate coming and passing by your bay for two/three special persons who have been making sure that not a single stone is left unturned for making our lives tougher here. Be it the Cell-phone issue, front door access. They simply ire me up with their every single word/activity related to our team"

Moreover I don't exactly wish to know just the "official" side of yours. :) I believe delhi/NCR has some good places to unwind.

So if you are not offended (should you be?) just let me know if you wish (or even don't un-wish, i.e have no fuss with) meet up for a "breakfast/brunch/lunch/coffee/snacks/early dinner", at any place any time in/around delhi, do let me know. :)
If you don't, It won't bitter pill to swallow, still. :(

In case of the latter, I wish you all what you desire from life. May the best of your past be the worst of your future.

In case otherwise. I still have got 2-3 weeks time. (I wish I am not sounding like SRK of Kal Ho Na Ho.....my fav song)


(P.S I know neither of Russian,Greek, French, Danish or Mandarin! Subject line credits to Wikipedia!!! )

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