Monday, March 28, 2011

The Awesumm wala trip's travelogue Day 5!!

Day 5!! I know this is coming very delayed…so might miss a point or two. Don’t think you would complain. Being a travel day, with people dozing off and sun beating down, there aren’t any pics either to write home about.

So day 4 ended with Neelu crying like a 4 yr old “Mela acha waala chhabun kahan gaya?” (or something like that), disturbed sleep for many, chest congestions for Santosh and me.

So Day 5 began with…yeah again heaps and pile of idli, dosas and poori bhaji, for which Santosh, Anish, Body and I couldn’t be part of this time. Santosh and I went to see a hospital. Actually a single room (maybe 15’X15’) divided into 4 by partitions. After 45 minutes of wait, we realized doctor isn’t coming to clinic now and the doctor present, an obstetrician, wouldn’t have been able to help much.

We got Aneesh for company and marched towards the Mahavir Jain bhojnalaya from Day 4. By 12 we had to leave the cottage and munnar. Deepika utilized the rest of morning in catching some sleep, which Daisy and Neelu, by the music produced by their respiratory tracks, denied her in night.

The next destination was Kodaikanal and by some heroic search by Blackberry boys, we had found ourselves a place to stay in KK. In couple of jeeps, we started. The jeeps would take away only to a destination from where we could get a bus.

The destination, the name of which I have forgotten by now, had a very good biryani place. And people hogged upon delicious biryani, with Divya complaining about non-availability of Nimbooz. With stomachs full, nobody was in the mood of topsy-turvy ride of the bus, equivalent to erstwhile blulines of Delhi. So we hired a couple of Sumos, and reached KK by late eve.

Again a day had been lost in travelling and that had been point of contention when Neha and Chiru got involved in minor altercation, which I being most responsible of all, sorted out peacefully (by telling both of them to shut up). I have seen it before. Large group, long trip, tired legs and minds do create some disturbances. Nothing to blame people about. And by same standard the trip was “extremely peaceful” :)

I, Santosh, Neha, Deepika and Daisy decided to stay back at the hotel, while people went for dinner. Dinner wasn’t playing on our (santy's and mine) mind when we understood we had to walk uphill 1 km, on way back. L But the guys didn’t let us starve and we relished upon chicken fried rice and chilly chicken brought by them. In the meantime India somehow managed to win against Netherlands in a group match.

There was a hurry to sleep in rooms not occupied by either of snorers, the group that was now joined by Anish and Body as well.

Although I slept early owing to bad cold, but people did have fun in late night’s poker session, the details of which can be sought by the participants. The cold has been a nemesis. It has taken away from me, much more than the CFO position that day. I announced Neelu as my successor, for good or bad it remained to be seen…
End of day 5....

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