Monday, March 14, 2011

The Awesumm wala trip's travelogue Day 1!!

We deboarded the train at Trivendrum, 3 taxis took us to a seemingly economic accomodation (later we found, we were paying much more than what it was worth for). Anyways, the sun was out and we couldn’t wait much to take a plunge into the sea. We made our way to the nearest beach (except Divya, whose stomach gave her troubles yet again). The beach was totally sunsaan, with small dead fishes spread all over, dogs and crows feasting upon them. And the waves were wild; the ground seemed to have a steep slope into the sea.

We decided to make a move to a little more inhabited beach. Moving south we found one within 400 mtrs. All of us threw ourselves into the waves, with daisy and me getting bruises. Of course Daisy had someone to take his care :P
At lunch we crashed in a place called “The lobster Pot”, an expensive place where we got 4Kish bill without even appetisering our not so little stomachs. CFO went cashless for the first time.

It was decided that we would move to the Lighthouse after bathing with fresh water at our residing place (I would rather not call it a hotel). Girls understandably took time to dress up. Combined with that, a false assurance of Lighthouse entry till 7pm, made us reach late. All we could manage was few pics besides the tower.

For a early dinner we found a first floor restaurant, with a nube as its waiter, who was as unsure of the menu and the dishes as manmohan singh, when he was made Prime Minister of India. High on trip enthusiasm, we ordered in excess of 5600 and “toing”, one day into the trip and we were (each) already 1.5K down, with more expensive destinations still to come.

Then people (read girls along with poor boys who were their friends) dispersed into nearby shops to shop. While 4 of us Me, Neelu, Aneesh and Body, doing some eye-warming exercise. Then the waiter from the restaurant came to thank us, seeking our next visit. We told him about our plans to go to Kanyakumari, for which he suggested some place belonging to one of his friends. The follow up discussion turned into light-humored way of making us realise how people were not so fit in our group and we couldn’t resist gigging, though later felt bad for it and apologised to concerened people.

Autowallahs literally looted us by asking for 125 bucks for less than 2 Kms distance. One even coated 400, upon which I angrily replied “why not show a knife and then loot me?” (the incident later on gave birth to the dual-theories propounded by Neelu.

Engalnd was playing Ireland and when we retuned to our lodge, all tired and down, found Ireland has successfully chased a 300 plus target. Daisy went to sleep early. Then others followed. Not very late into the night Chiru and I heard Divya’s scream. We thought matter to be serious and tried to follow the voice, only to find Divi, along with Body, Neelu and Anish were chillaxing over the terrace.

Chiru said he is going to retire while I made my way up, explaining them the scenario I thought woken me up from half slumber state. They joked about me and chiru sneaking out for privacy. Within few minutes I came to know about what was the discussion all about. Triggering from auto incident, Neelu was saying it was “human behavior” to get the maximum out of the situation and 125 was our “individual threshold”. So the overpricing was justified.

After over 2 hours of pointless blabber (which included few ghost stories, scheduled to make a comeback in Ooty later in the trip), we went to sleep. The same cab drivers who dropped us at the lodge had agreed to take us back to Trivendrum station next morning. The Day 1 had ended.

To be continued……


Santosh Hegde said...

Awesome stuff!!! :D

Praveen said...

thnks mate!!

Santosh Hegde said...

Bees saal baad isko padhke bahut mazaa aayega... Let's make a physical souvenir out of it! :D

prerna said...

heyy..i m so waiting for day 2...i mite be knowing bits nd pieces of wanna knw the whole of it soon....good wrk PJ :)

GauL said...

@PJ - good one. Although in my inebriated state, ur comment read "Lets" instead of "Thanks" :P

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