Monday, March 14, 2011

The Awesumm wala trip's travelogue Day 2!!

While sleeping late on Day 1, we knew we had an early start next day. Santosh Hegde, seemingly most responsible on the location and the occasion, ensured that everybody got ready well before the ususal “just in time”. The three chettas from the day earlier were bang on time with their off white ambassadors. After a 30 minute ride and semi-altercation over the enhanced desired price by them, we reached Trivendrum station.

The first thing we discussed was about the extravagent nature of our meals. Everybody agreed with the cause and we made a great beginning by having brunch at “sasta and tikau” Indian coffee House. The bill was INR 600ish. I felt a great respite as FO (the C had been dropped by then or it wasn’t…damn as if it made any difference)

We got sleeper unreserved tickets, which ensured better rest for our asses, all for Rs 60 a piece. A lot of people had been woken up untimely. So, 20 minutes into the ride and they were almost snoring on whichever empty births they could find. Few of us, i.e. Neelu, Aneesh, Daisy and I played cards.

Can’t remember the exact time but it wasn’t long before we reached Kanyakumari. With eco-mode still playing on minds, we took affordable yet decent accomodation, adjacent to the railway station. The sample room shown to Aneesh and Body, found their acceptance. Only later did they found that sample was immediately booked by some fellow and Aneesh couldn’t do ‘it’ in Indian styled loo. So we had to upgrade one of the rooms to have Aneesh’s butts pleased (and even mine after the ‘magic’ time)

Without wasting any time, we set off for Vivekananda Rock memorial. The ferry ride was memorable to say at least with wild waves and dirty life-jackets. We warmed up our eyes by ‘checking out’ some salwar-kurti clad firangans and then compared them to girls accompanied by us- no chunni, no pallu, and no ghoonghat. :P

We were among the last to get off the little island, not because any of us had a great interest and passion about the historical significance of the memorial, but because we had 11 crackpots, all looking for getting the next 200 of their facebook profile pics. We found childlike pleasure in spotting crabs, wishing for a fish to be able to return back into the sea after been lashed onto one of the steps and seeing ephermal rainbows resulting from the misty air created when waves lashed onto the memorial walls.

The windy surroundings were romantic for “few” and introspective for others. I could easily see people lost in thoughts. Somehow sea, horizon, sky etc. makes people think long term, I guess.

Anyways, we were hungry after returning back from the memorial. ICH food had long been converted into joules and calories and was more than spent in posing for photographs. But we wanted to see the meeting point of three waters. While others took a pass a bit earlier, I , neelu and Divya went till the southernmost point of Indian mainland (at least we believed it to be) and enjoyed waves crashing against us from the three directions. Aaakchhoooo…there I got my first sneeze of the trip. We caught up with others at some idli-dosa place and gobbled up whatever someone suggested and we ordered.

People then left to do their respective shopping and retiring for the day, while we three reached back at the small beach to enjoy “Mirchi ke pakode”. We prayed at the Tsunami memorial and spent couple of hours having nice long chat around life and philosophy. :)

We reached hotel, and watched some WC match, while people enjoyed the noble liquid. The eco mode had been a great success, and we wanted to have Chinese food as a celebration. We found a place, whose owner asked us to not pay the bill, if we didn’t like their food. Food was good amidst some great Murder film tracks (only hindi music available there).

We made our way back to hotel amidst, few dogs calling each other names. A few ladies got worried for Aneesh, lagging behind while talking to his sweetheart over the phone. Everybody managed to return unscathed. While most people retired shortly after, Body, Aneesh, Neelu and I played 29 for couple of hours. Daisy provided background score with his Snores.

And, then “Magic Nite” bagan. We showed card tricks one by one. Finally we decided to record the combination of them all. Body was the magician and I had to play the innocent audience who had been summoned to take part. Had a hearty laughing time and before we could realise, santosh came to wake us up. Day 3 had begun.

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