Friday, October 2, 2009

Dil goes Hadippa..Hadippa

Again a delayed review. So sorry about that. But can't help much with me sitting in IIM Kozhikode :(

How do I like pass afternoon on an off day. Yeah you got it right. Watching a feel good non-brain loading bollywood masala film. So I chose to watch DIL BOLE HADIPPA..

Another YashRaj film. So, got to be some inherent YR attributes. Punjab, Farmlands, Western-clothes bashing and some dreams waiting to be realized.

One of my close friends has played national level cricket; therefore concept of woman aspiring to be a great cricketer didn't sound alien to me. :)

The movie starts off on a chirpy note with six sixes in six balls by Veera kaur (Rani), right tey left hand bats(wo)man, who works at a local theater. Rakhi Sawant is here for what she does best. Some hip shaking and non-stop bakwaas, but she is tolerable.

Anurag singh does good job in setting a pretext which is fictional but believable as a plot- Aman cup, a bilateral yearly match played between India and Pakistan (which adheres to the talk of these times by replacing 50-over game with T20)

I personally felt a bit offended by Anurag's potrayal of an Indian Team which is on a losing streak for 8 (going to be 9) defeats in same number of years. Khair koi nahin, after all we have our very own Desi English county player Rohan Singh (Shahid) who gets a call from his Dad, Anupam Kher (organiser of aman cup and owner of Indian team).

We get some resemblances from Hum Tum with stranged relationship between Shahid's parents Kher and Poonam dhillon (who has lost some weight seriously)

Well it isn't much of a surprise when Rani dons a man's getup (understandably becoming a surd, that's the closest when girls can look non-females). The name is Veer Pratap Singh, and it's not just one of the things coming from Veer Zaara, another YR Film.

After that follows the understandable dual role portrayal by Rani in front of Shahid, who Punjabi baap ka Punjaabi Beta, and again understandably can't fall for Steammmiiiinngg Hottttt Sherlyn Chopra, whom I can easily excuse of poor acting.

Rest movie is all about fulfillment of dreams for a father, his son and the aspiring girl.

And I can hardly forget the "switch hands/grip shot" which even Kevin Peterson would be proud of.

The movie is timepass fun but I couldn't help noticing some technical errors, some of them not entirely new. eg.

When Anupam kher shows match clips of previous match to his son, he is actually showing the Movie clip with cameras at positions which are impossible during a cricket match. These errors have been repeatedly spotted in many other films. Ideally the clips should have been different with match camera angles

Similarly, 6 months before 15th August ( 15th Feb) Anupam Kher says to shahid, "I know your county season is off for next 6 months". County cricket in england is played only during summers and is off in winters. Anurag should have taken care

In T-20 match, for first 6 overs, only two players are allowed outside the inner circle. The match here starts with at least 4 players protecting boundaries

In the concluding scene, when Rani's actual identity is revealed (cmon guys, it wasn't a spoiler..was it), between Veer and Veera there was a lot of makeup and kaajal done on Rani's face in just two seconds.

But as I mentioned, you should relax your brains and watch the movies with open hearts, the movie does giggle (or at least brings smile) at few occasions.

For me the movie is worth one time dekko.... I could have given a lower rating some other day. But today it gets....

Rating ***