Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phoenix Song!

Its my last day in Delhi (at least for 90% of my time in next two years).

Made some delicious Paneer-Capsicum in afternoon. Watched India lose the all-important T20 match against England. :-(

That's It.....

See evbdy in Mumbai!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Murphy's Laws: My buddies!!

For those who are new to the term click here.

It's been couple of months since I became a staunch believer in the Theory. Although Murphy's blessings have been bestowed upon me that I got out of all the situations, pretty much unscathed. :)

It all when my car was shelved (an overstatement) from side, by a small 10 tonne concrete truck while I was waiting for green signal to give me a way forward.

Then after couple of days, I get a flat tyre on my way back to home around 11:30 in night. I didn't realize the fact before driving about 200 meters, thinking might be an unknown power that's steering the car towards right. I spent around 20 minutes changing the tyre. My stepny tyre had metal spikes (like you have in your football shoes). Had bad metal cuts on my fingers. There is something about cuts on skin. You realize how bad are they when try to take a pinch of salt from the Jar! :'-O

Then I drove setting the street on fire, literally (sparks coming out of the tyre).
When I reached home I couldn't find my office i-card. It had somehow detached itself from the access cards which completed the set. Then I went back again to office at 12:15 am. Search it all near the dhaba where I changed the tyre, parking space, office work station. To my sorrow I couldn't find it anywhere even after an hour of search operation. With somberness, I reach my home, and I find it there beneath my driving seat. So I wasted some 2 hours for simply nothing.

Not long after I left parking indicator lights in the parking lot only to discover that around 11 in night, the car had lost every bit of charge it possessed. Even after trying push-and-start techniques when the car refused to make any sound, I left it there and got into my friend's car to come back in morning with some mechanic. (I don't have that 24 hr automobile helpline :-( ) It was sheer luck that I spotted a battery mechanic (I wasn't even making an effort to find one) on my way back to home. He Came. He Saw. It Started!!

I haven't been so lucky in traffic scenarios though. Murphy wants to test me tough on that. No matter whatever route I pick up to go to delhi, I find extra-ordinarily jams. The other routes were comparatively a lot better. Maybe my mind follows Mass-Psychology. That calls for a great career in Stocks and Trading. :)

It was monday, when after being stuck in such jam, I drove to the nearest metro station. And carried on Metro there onwards. Went to college. The damn officer couln't find my degree after keeping me waiting for 2 hrs (I went to catch up a nap in between). Then I go to my office for finishing final formalities. And it took like ages. Suddenly I realized it was 9:30 and I had a car parked at a metro station. The friend I was accompanied by. (and also the one who was supposed to drop me to the nearest metro station) had to pick his mum and aunt from a place in gurgaon, he didn't know way to. We roamed to and fro at roads. (There's a sick habit of not telling a "no" when we pop up a question regarding geographical location of a place).

We managed to reach around 10:10 and had a race against time to catch the "11 ki last metro". We had long toll queues, naraina jam to keep us at 100 miles distance from hopes of making it on time. Somehow my friend got me at the place on time. I boarded the metro and it broke down at ISBT. When it finally got me to my destination (30 minutes late), I got my car back. (Had to pay extra because I had exceeded the time limit by 20 minutes :( ). Murphy caught me once again when I chose a way which seemed a bit easy-going initially. Not later than a km of drive through it, I found dozens Trucks parked on 2 of the 3 lanes available. At 12:30 I entered into the bottleneck and came out starving at 1:30. Went home. Had a maggi and then sank into the bed....