Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ghajini-A belated review

The clock just struck 0000. It was a good 2nd last day of 2008. Returned about 15 minutes ago. Was watching "Ghajini" with office friends, courtsey the farewell treat by my (now ex) manager.

I can't resist writing a review. Though it is not to help others decide whether to watch the movie or not.

So is Morugdoss really a grt director? I feel a bit dishonest to admit so. So what exactly has he done to make a movie that rakes 100cr moolah within 5 days?

Sometimes characterisation (which is of course copied to 95% from Memento) overpowers the weak (too predictable) storyline. Ghajini is such case.

Ofcourse those who haven't seen memento may get impressed by a part of storyline, i.e. the characterisation of the protagonist.

Sajay Singhania (Amir), who is a fusion of Anil Ambani (Papa ka sapna har hath mein mobile apna) and Sunil Mittal (Air Voice does resemble AirTel), is a name which every Tom, Dick and Harry knows but hasn't seen his pictures (like Howard Hughes).

The movie has its share of fun moments with puns revolving around his mistaken identity by Kalpana (Asin), who is "Helpin all selflessly" girl. He begins to love her and wants her to love him back, before he should reveal his identity.

Amir's brief face-off with shahrukh's lookalike (the guy from Kya aap Panchvi fail champu hain) is worth some smiles (not for shahrukh though).

She does love him back, to an extent that she sells off her 2nd hand purchased Ambassador for Rs1,35,000 (somebody got cheated), to pay for amir's falsely told ill mother at amir's village.

Before Amir's return trip from UK, Kalpana gets herself into trouble by pissing off the goon ghajini, resulting in him sending his sidekicks to finish her off. Sanjay reaches in time to see her dying, before being hit by Iron bar on his head, resulting in his anterograde amnesia.

Morugdoss(MD) lifts the term from "Memento" without conceptualising it correctly. The term means, man's memory before the accident is intact but he can't make new memories. MD messes up with Amir's total memory.

Now Amir with help of his tatoos,photographs, (unnecesaary) maps and wallpapers (all lifted from memento) along with some infallible help from Jiah Khan (a medical student) hunts Ghajini down.

The film is a good attempt. But, could have done away with predictabilty and weak storyline which were so unnecessary for audience to connect with Amir's medical condition. The result: audience laughs are loud enough when amir goes haywire hitting goons all around and suddenly loses the plot of the things. The good version should have held the audience in awe and palpating when he is humbly duped by the goon, who is about to attack from back.

A good commercial product for Amir's Fans and everybody. Amir is really good with his anger, action and bod, not to mention. A heart put out act by him deserves him the biggest blockbuster of the year at least.

My only wish; rather han making a Tamil Film remake, they should have made a remake of Memento out and out.

Watch Ghajini and then watch Memento. You will enjoy both.
You will prefer you don't do vice versa.

2.83/5 (Being a perfectionist as Amir)

Have a great new year ahead.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yes Sir No Sir......

It's happened more than once in recent times. Something seems to me as a great idea first, I even volunteer to carry out a perfect execution. Then suddenly a wave of lathargy comes and takes me away from it. I feel the idea to be hacknayed, uninteresting, not worth my endeavours to put forth for.

I feel the overwhelming guilt at times. The situation becomes gloomy. The time retains the status-quo. And amongst these all I am lying aimlessly looking for an excuse why I shouldn't/couldn't do it.

I keep telling myself, do not promise something on the pretext of beleiving- If I promise, I will do it. The flame kindles with a spark, and extinguishes in absence of the fuel supply. I am looking for that eternal(life-long) fuel supply, that will solve my Energy Crisis!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hi Again!!

Its been ages since I wrote my last entry. Its year end so I felt a need to revive a good habit in making. So, why exactly was I writing this blog? The answer is perhaps for "Myself". As like those daily soaps/ movies I can't imagine my voice hitting inside my head. Its always so quiet , in terms of sound. Otherwise its helluva time in and out of my mind.

So what have I got to catchup with myself.

Diwali: Was good. Celebrated at our new home with Mum Dad. Uploaded the pics already in my Orkut Album. Still pasting one here.

Then Mumbai Attacks. Don't want to paste those pictures here. A lot was/is being written/spoken about it all around.

Then we had our company offsite. This time it was even beyond manesar. Never expected it to be a fun like it turned out to be. See I am enjoying it:

Got few late nights following offsite. Some cuz of work, some cuz of Parties/Movies.
Mom got really very pissed off as I arrived quite late on 25th. So I have decided to call off all party invitations for a while and spend some time with family.

Rab ne bana di jodi was an average film. Went to see Ghajini Premier Show. It turned out to be a Preview. Saw High School Musical 3 instead (was recommended by someone). Now there was this girl who had a discount coupon which said 2 tickets free with 4 tickets. She was delighted to know we wanted 4. She was playing cheeky. while explaining the offer to my friend I apprised all of the fact that she has agreed to part with the 2 free tickets with us. The couple had a smile like they were being cheated. How on earth were they expecting that gesture from the "Cunning Me".

I was lauded by my 3 friends for that. It reminded me of Spiderman3 Premier I attended during college days......

My few female friends got married. I haven't heard much from them since then. Which is kind of good, I presume, that is in congruence with them being over occupied with happiness and not with boring people like me.

Many heartful wishes for a wonderful new year! To me! and to You! :)