Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Prologue

It was still 3 hours to go before the next flight from Delhi would arrive. And another before flights from Mumbai and Hyderabad could have arrived.
Adhyan (Adi) was still shivering with thoughts of meeting Abhinav (Abby), 3 years after they last met. He had to face him alone for at least an hour before Pragya (PT), Vishesh (chiggy) and Simi would arrive. Last time their meet ended with Abby slapping Adi, hard on his face, for what he termed as “Backstabbing”. He could have done further serious damage to Adi’s face, if others along with Anu wouldn’t have stopped him. After who hopes their Goa trip should end at that note.

Last visual memory that Adi had about Abby went like:

“You bastard! Son of a bitch, I was crazy that I believed you to be my best friend. Let me go Chiggy, I will smash his head”, screamed Abhi.

“Abby! Please stop.”, Vishesh was utilising his 6 ft 2 in well built frame to reign in Abby’s advances towrads Adi, who didn’t move an eyelash. It was too late to be in any hangover mode. Yet, by the look on his face it looked very apparent that he was clueless about what happened the night earlier.

Anu was in one corner of the room sobbing heplessly, with PT and Simi still undecided whether to stand beside her or not.

The clock wasn’t simply moving. He didn’t know whether it was good or bad. He didn’t want to face him early yet he couldn’t bear the agony of streched anticipation about their first meet in three years.

“A cafĂ© Latte please”, he signalled to the guy in red cap behind the CCD counter. It was his third latte in last 30 minutes. Memory lanes opened up once again:

“Sucker! Why did you arrive 2 days late into the hostel? Did you have this misconception, that you won’t be ragged”, a medium built boy thundered.

“Sorry sir”, a slightly overweight boy said aongside his roommate, as he was surrounded by 3 continuosly abusing bullies.

Before it could go bad and one of them ended up crying for the fear, the “bullies” revealed themselves, “Welcome dude! We are not seniors, man. Just thought about having a light moment”

They all burst in laughter. The slightly overweight guy joined them too, though still in contained manner.

“This is Prakhar, he is Rajeev and I am Abhishek. We are your neighbors. Flat 20G”, said the medium built boy.

“Hehe! Nice to meet you all. I am Adhyan”, he shook hands with the other two before Abhinav almost hugged him and said “Man! You are still freaked out. Chill”

“Not for long though. We have a dictum sent by seniors to get assembled in the hostel grounds at 11”

One more hour to kill and then they woud have shaked hands again, at least, was what Adi was thinking.