Saturday, October 11, 2008

A moment which I recalled...

Class 8th(or 9th)

I was sitting on a bench alongside the bench of "my" 3rd Crush of life. To say "my" would be a bit unfair cuz "my" doesn't include "couple of dozen others".

GIRL (along with her Specy fried; I found her cute too.. ;))
Hey Praveen, Have you ever read Blue Magzines.

I: Of course.
(saying, with esteem and thanking god that a couple of months ago a friend of mine told me what blue magzines are, infact he told me he had a magzine called "Playboy" with a topless picture of someone called "Pamela Anderson")

GIRL: How many have you gone through?!
(excitement was growing in her voice..)

I : A dozens, my dear (I never believed though such magzines existed. After all how the hell can anybody strip in front of a camera?)

GIRL : What all things are therein? (She was curiously forcing me into inquisition. Though I Was loving it

I : Oi...its adults' magzine. Lot's of that kind of stuff.


A scene after about couple of months of this conversation:

I found a keyring in the feild. I was bioscope-camera-slideshow hybrid. Hoping to see something interesting I slid the roller on.

YUCCCKKK...SHIT...AARGHHHHHH....(I tried to vomit there and then)

After all first unexpected porn exposure can cause that much....


These memories will stay with me for life as also some of these:

1. An LKG Kid who asked Ma'am for her permi ssion to go to toilet. But was denied. And after he did the enevitable. He is taken to his home, though a block across the road, but his pants off!

2. A kid who flunks in his admission test for class 1.

3. A kid who came 2nd in class 1, 1st in class2 and when he came 1st in Class 3, he cried saying to his mom "Mom, sorry i broke the trend, the series 212121212...."

4. A Class 3 kid who is afraid to go to school, because of a Class 4 Bully kisses him on his cheeks at every oppirtunity he has.

5. A Class 5 kid running in school corridore with 5 girls chasing him to pull his cheeks and kiss them. (I feel lke kickin myself now for that.)

6. Few Class 6 Guys laughing and bullying another guy who read from his Doc Father's book how babies are produced.

7. Bio Lecture of Life Processes-2 in Class 7 and revisited in Class 9, though by a female teacher in bromidic tone)

8. A girl who stays back with 11 Class nerd in PT period, to know more about Organic nomenclature, with her legs rubbing against his. And her ***** against his elbows as she leaning over so much on him getting involved in the book. He thought that might have happened due to cramped spaces and continued the lesson.

9. Perfect 4 years of college life, which I wouldn't ever forget. It had drama, suspense, thrill, action, romance, sleaze, friendship, trust, mistrust and of course 8 semesters with 68%!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raping...In the name of God

It haapened in 1947 (partition), it happened in 1984 (riots following Indira Gandhi's assasination), it happened in 1990 (after bombay blasts), it happened in Gujrat (after Godhra) and it happened again in Orissa (following a VHP leader's assasination).

In world's largest democracy, everytime there are people who would hold ransom, the entire nation, stripping everyone, even of the fundamental rights.

There are some satyromanaic men (mind you many men are satyromaniac) who look for these opportunities to rape women, without being held by law.

Either they are restive or people at concerned positions unwilling to reign them in, I can't comment, precisely.

Recently, I read in a newspaper, An orphanage was ransacked, a few of teenage girls were taken in a room and brutally raped. Later the room was set ablaze by the same incendiaries. They did all that in the belief that the girls were Christians. Later it did turn out they were Hindus.

As a sign of no remorse, these Terrorists (I prefer to call them so, they had done nothing less than those crossing over border, in kashmir) blatantly continue to commit futher atrocities, swaggering around the streets like they have salvaged their religion.

The nation's soul is being pushed into a inquisitorial room, with questions being thrown into left, right and center from every corner of the world.

I feel ashamed that in this land of "Maryaad Purushottam ShriRaam", the women (even in national capital) are nowhere safer than the red-light areas of the West. All they fear, if a riot is waiting round the corner of next street.....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wanna Puff??

"Cigarettes and Tobacco products banned from being consumed in public place"

A good but delayed concrete step, accoding to me.

I puffed my first Cig when I was 12, in 7th Standard probably. Smoked one each for three consecutive days. Tried to figure out what respite/enjoyment people get after inhaling in and breathing out a puff of smoke. Failure at that, fortunately enough, resulted to my shunning of the "habit-in-making".

Seven years later, I was holding again the "White-Brown (4:1) Stick" between my Middle and index finger. Its an age when cigarettes may end up being your buddy or better to term as a "nemesis" for the rest of your life.

In winter of 2005, I smoked 13 Marlboro back-to-back, celebrating life with my friends at Goa. Searching for rave parties to groove upon some sexy "Phoren" chicks who would have lost consciousness enough to our liking. But, sadly we couldn't find any. And spent entire nite boozing and puffing.

A very dear friend of mine, who found that I continued to smoke even after returning from GOA, scolded me badly, as his younger brother and sarcastically said "I will finance your Cigarettes for the rest of our college lives".

The "White-Brown Twig" which i threw down from the 3rd floor of our Hostel hasn't come back. Ask me If I am only glad about it.

Well I could have been happier if that friend of mine hadn't ended up being a habitual smoker himself.

May God give all of you the courage and will to shun the Tobacco-Pipe.