Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Chain Mail!

The watch on the task bar of his vaio showed 2 am. It was Friday night, so there was no pressure of getting up early next morning. Nikhil had been bored of checking and refreshing the Facebook window again and again. Nothing new was throwing up. He thought "Where the hell has been everyone?"
He browsed through his community pages, his favorite being the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. page.

People had been posting dialogs from the sitcom that they found most hilarious. Amongst them there was something he didn't think it belonged there.

"In 1997 a girl named Lauren was walking in a forest and suddenlydisappeared; she hadn't been discovered untill 2000 when a young girlnamed Mary found Lauren's body which had chest markings that said, "Iwasn't pretty enough." Lauren's ghost will appear in your mirror,telling you that you're not pretty enough and"

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He couldn't resist clicking "See More"

".................................... … More... More... See More... You wanna See More....See More...she will kill you. She'll will repeatedly tell you, "See more,see more, see more.." The same happened to Mary, and she died shortly after. To save yourself, copy and paste this into five other band'scomment boxes. THIS IS TRUE! Since you have started reading this, donot stop. Keep in mind that you need to send this to five other bandsin 143 minutes. This is scary because it actually works.
If you don't believe then R.I.P"

He had seen many such chain mails before. But even he didn't know why did he followed instructions and posted it in the comment boxes of the latest five news feeds. The ones from Rajeev, Divya, Anirban, Atif and Sunidhi.

Rajeev had been watching The Southpark Series in small window when he saw the notification tab go red with "1" over it. He clicked on it. Even though he didn't think it to be more than a piece of shit, even he clicked on "See more" link, before commenting to Nikhil, "Screw you! What the crap?"

Nikhil replied on the gtalk "Dude! I have an intuition that this might go bad. You know the last time...."

Rajeev: Last time and blah! Dude gimme a brk! It was nothing but coincidence.

Nikhil: Coincidences don't end up people losing lives.

Rajeev: Whatever! I hate this kind of crap. Forward it to hoax-slayer instead. Me off now. Bbye

Nikhil: Bbye.
I will still advise you

Rajeev is offline. Messages you send will be delivered when Rajeev comes online.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


"I want to make a home with you. I want to make babies with you. I want to raise them with you and above all I want to grow old with you. Will you marry me sweets?” said Vivek.

Nidhi was shocked. She didn't see it coming. She knew he loved her but never took it on the face value. At occasions she even thought Vivek wasn't serious. Tears started rolling down her eyes. The sparkle from the diamonds of the ring threw an array of reflection over that already glowing face of hers.

"Of course yes, sugar", she said and hugged him.

"Driver, take a turn for chembur first", Akshita ordered.

She was wondering why she asked driver for that. But maybe it was too difficult to go without saying a goodbye. But how much easier would it be, after meeting him, she didn't have a clue. "Maybe, I will just peek at him from window and then leave", she thought.

The cab stopped before Aman's flat. The front door wasn't closed properly. She saw a guy pouring red wine in glasses and then he moved on to the couch where Pallavi was sitting. They took a sip each and then the glasses went down. Akshita couldn't believe what she saw next. They had begun kissing.

She ran back downstairs. Still trying to recover from the shock, she decided she would call Aman.

"Hello Aman! Where are you?” she said while still fifteen minutes away from the airport

"Akshita, where had you been all this time? I called up your place and found you were leaving the city."

"Aman I need to tell you something really important. Where are you?"

"I am about to reach santacruz. Was coming to meet you."

"Okay! Meet me at domestic departure terminal for Air India"


They met once again. Aman thought she would confess her feelings for him any moment now.

"Pallavi is cheating upon you", she was angry.


"I saw her curling up with another guy at your flat.” after a pause "No Reaction! Are you too shocked to react?"

"No sweetie! I think this has been dragged a way too much"

"What? I didn't get that."

I will tell you. Let's sit back for a coffee. Your flight doesn't leave before an hour.

He told her everything. She was in tears all over again. She didn't know how to react at the revelation. He helped her by offering a hug. She felt like it was all in the world she needed.



The bride was making her way through to the aisle along with her mother and friends. Aman's friend was now sporting a joyous smile. Aman too smiled first when his eyes met with Akshita and to the far corner of the venue where an orange sari clad woman was reciprocating. She was none other than Saloni.

On the night of the party at Insomnia

"She has gone for the restroom. This is the time. Lure Prakhar and get him to the closet near the ladies’ restroom. I have already put substance in his drink. He won't remember much of what follows."

"Okay!” said Saloni.

She took him to the closet where he passed out. Making those noises wasn't a tough job for her, with Aman pitching in for the grunts.

Akshita ran out crying all the way to the cab stand outside the hotel.

Part 1

Monday, April 19, 2010

Reality Check!

Its 2:37 am when I start typing this post. I have had an extremely exhaustive day. Was dropping off every now then while driving each meter of those 76 kms I drove around Delhi. But, I don't feel sleepy abhi. I seriously wonder why.

I have written 11 parts to the story on my blog. I initially wanted it to look real. Then owing to demands of readers, I put some spice in it.

The reality check here says that more often than not (read always):

1) There is no "single" beautiful girl travelling in metro. Either she is accompanied by her boyfriend in physical presence or in form of cell phone.

2) If 1) is false and you do come across such girl, she would never ask you to keep your luggage beneath your seat.

3) It is impossible not to have a facebook profile. If you ask and girl says no, maybe she wants to shake you off.

4) There is never a woman of kind described as "Sexy married and inviting Receptionist"

5) Your friend will not be cool about his girlfriend playing role of yours.

6) Prakhars are too clever too be caught by simple and sweet Akshita (the kind of girls anyways very scarce)

7) Even if they caught Prakhars and broke off with them, they will recover and find their love again before Amans could confess their likings.

8) Amans end up getting arranged married!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Day After- The one before the last one!! :)

"I was drunk, honey. I didn't know how that happened. It was an accident", Prakhar tried to defend.

"Don't you dare call me honey again? I introduced you to my office mates yesterday in morning and I catch you hooking up with that b**ch in night. And you call that an accident.” she thundered.

"Baby! Please don't be so mad at me. I am really sorry. I swear I didn't want things to turn this ugly"

"Then what did you have mind when you were busy doing that slut? Of course you might have thought that it won't come out in open. Just go away from my eyesight, else I don't know what........” she broke down with anger.

"Please don't do this to me sweetie. I love you. Please forgive me", he made one final attempt.

"Forgive you? Would you forgive me if I went around sleeping with people, some of which I have barely known for 18 hours? If this is how I see when you were with me, I can't even guess what all you would have been doing in Hyderabad all this time.", she started crying and said again "The trouble is, Prakhar, a trust once lost can't be gained again. It's over. In fact it shouldn't have started in first place.” she ran away crying.

Aman tried calling Akshita for next two days but couldn't reach her.

"Damn! Her cell phone is switched off for last two days.” he said in frustration.

"But this is a good news buddy. She's broken up with that jerk and now you can be what she wants. You just need to portray yourself as a shoulder you can cry upon", Vivek said.

"Shut the f**k up! No more games please. She is completely broken. And I don't care about all that stuff", he shouted and then said calmly after some time "I just need to speak to her"

The phone rang.

"Akshita! Where are you? I had been trying to reach you madly for last two days....But why?....Okay let's meet up first...You need to talk to someone......No, Pallavi wouldn't mind....Hmmm...See you in an hour"

He picked up his Vivek's car keys and rushed out before stopping once and asking Nidhi "When should I tell her that Pallavi is not for real?"

"Not now Ammy! Let her come to terms with this phase first"

The meetings and Akshita's tears continued for a complete week.

"Aman! The one thing I respect most about you is your fidelity with Pallavi. She is definitely extremely lucky to have found you and vice versa. Never ever break her heart. Got it?"

"er..Hmmmm I won't"

"I hate people who cheat or lie, be for whatever reason. I can’t even have a bit of respect for such kind of people"

"Yeah me too.", he was beginning to feel miserable.

They finished with their coffees and rose up to leave.

"Aman, I am so thankful to you that you are with me in this despair of mine, despite the fact you have your own things to care and work upon", she said with gratitude in her eyes and continued "I will always feel grateful for the day we met first, during that short but journey in Delhi Metro", she said and kissed him on the cheeks, "Bye".

"Why is she talking in such tome as if she is not going to see me again", he thought but managed to say "Take care Akki"

"I will", she said and then moved away.

She came back to her apartment and got busy in packing her stuff.

"Nandani, did you put advertisement in newspaper for a roommate?"

"Yes Akki!", she replied and continued after a pause "Akki! Do you really think you need to go. I mean why can't you stay here? You have got good job, friends and a loving roommate", she tried her last bit at emotional blackmail.

"That's sweet of you my roomie, but I have got to sort few things in my life. Moreover I don't want my friends to lose what they can have in midst of their attempts to normalize me. I am hurt, no doubt, but it will get healed with time and I will be back after that.

"By friend do you mean Aman, the same guy, searching about whom on orkut, you got crazy."

"Yeah! He is the one", she said with a smile.

"So, now I know why are you leaving the city? Why don't you tell him that you like him?"

"Shut up! It's not like that."

"It's exactly like that. See I am a relationship counselor. Moreover you don't even need to be a counselor to know what's in your eyes for him. Go on tell him what you feel about him."

Akshita was silent in agreement.

"It's not that simple as it sounds. Maybe I like him because how close he has been to me in last couple of weeks. Maybe it’s just because he has done so much for me in these troubled times. And also he is very much in love with this girl called Pallavi"

"So, that's the only reason Pallavi. What would you have done if Pallavi wasn't there?"

"Look there is no point discussing this as both of us know that she is really there and I can't and I shouldn't do anything that would jeopardize two blossoming lives. End of the arguments."

Nandani was quiet.

Akshita spoke further "My flight is at 10:30. I would leave in about 20 minutes and maybe my cell phone would be switched off. I don't want Aman to know that I am leaving. He may call here. You make some excuse. You promise me on that?"

Nandini nodded unwillingly

Akshita left as scheduled.

"Hi, is that Nandini?"


"Hi, this is Aman, Akshita's friend. She is not picking her cell phone. Do you have any idea about her whereabouts?"

"No, she would return late in night I guess"

Nidhi was inquisitive "What happened? Where is she? Is she gone?"

"Oh yaar! Let me talk please", Aman shrugged her off.

"Is that your girl friend, Pallavi?", Nandini asked.

"err... Look Nandini I don't want you to tell this to Akshita now, but the truth is Pallavi aka Nidhi is my friend's girl friend. I, rather we", he angered on Nidhi "came up with this crappy idea about me having a girlfriend would make Akshita jealous. But all went haywire after the Prakhar episode"

"Damn! She thinks you are in love with Pallavi and her presence around will create turbulence in your life."


"She likes you Aman. And to avoid hampering your love life she is leaving city. She is flying to Delhi by Kingfisher's flight at 10:30", she said hurriedly and then looking at her watch she continued "You have time on your side. Two hours. Rush to the airport at once"

"Damn! Thanks Nandini", and he hung up.

"Tell Vivek I have taken his car", he rushed for the keys.

"He has already taken the car. Was saying something Gibberish when I asked why."

"F**k my life. Okay I am off. Just pray I reach in time", he sprinted.

Somewhere other in Mumbai

"Mohanlalji, Is that ring ready?" he asked

"Yes Sir! see, isn't it beautiful?", the jeweler asked showing the 5 carat diamond ring.

Seeing the sparkle "Yes! Sure it is. Pack it in a beautiful case. I will pay by card."

"By the way sir, you are buying that for someone special, aren’t you?"

"Yes Mohanlalji, it's for the love of my life, Nidhi", Vivek answered "Wish me luck."

"All the best sirji and Congratulations"

Part 12

Part 1

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Double Date!

"Hello Saloni, this is Aman from Insightrix. Can you get me to Ms. Akshita Grover?. I had her personal number but didn't bring my cell phone to office today."

"Hi Aman! I recognize you. Didn't you ask me out about 3 weeks ago when you had a meeting scheduled with Mr. Sareen. Hehe", she chuckled.

"Yeah! I remember", he continued, "But you had plans with your husband that night", he said with flirtatious sad tone.

"Hmm so Vikram, my husband has gone abroad for his merchant navy assignment. We can catch up sometime this weekend.", she offered.

"Damn! This woman is some stuff.", he thought.

"Okay, just give me your number and I will catch up with you about any weekend plans. For now can you please connect me to Akshita please?"

"Sure! You really seem very much into this Akshita. May I warn you she already has a boyfriend. He came to office along with her in morning"

"Yaya! I know, he is a good friend of mine too."

"Cool! I am connecting you to her.", the line made some beep sounds.

"Akshita speaking"

"Hey Akshita, its Aman. Just called you to let you know Pallavi is in the town for some time."

"That's great! In fact I was talking to Prakhar about going to some discotheque tonight. I can arrange for us in Three Flights up and Insomnia"

"Insomnia sounds great"

"Done! See you at 9. Bbye"


"Akshita! Prakhar! This is Pallavi", he introduced her.

The music was good. They had chats about each other's places and jobs. Pallavi a.k.a Nidhi was dressed a bit hot for the party. Akshita kept checking direction of gaze from Prakhar's eyes, as did few other girls around.

"What would you have for drink, Aman?", Prakhar asked.

"No, I won't drink today." His doctor had advised him to avoid alcohol to prevent damage to his liver

"Why dude?"

"He left drinking last week. He is working for these drug abused children for 4 days now", Nidhi spoke for him as Aman glared her with surprise.

"Oh! Teetotaler and social service, nice move Aman. Yeah I guess last week I called you up in morning and you seemed to have a bad hangover."

As Prakhar and Akshita were discussing some friend they met earlier in afternoon, Nidhi pulled Aman towards her, whispering in his ear, "Dude! Show some chemistry, we look more like cousins now"

"Are you crazy? I feel awkward! I never can generate any feelings for you! I should have asked somebody else"

"As if you had choice", she said into his ears while glazing her fingers over his cheeks just long enough for Akshita to notice"

"Ahem Ahem! Wow you guys are surely heating this up. Finish up with you drinks and let's move to the dance floor", Akshita said.

They danced and gulped their drinks.

"Aman! Nice to see you here. Hi Akshita", said Saloni, who accidently met them on the dance floors. She was a friend of DJ Nakul, who was playing that night

A spate of hi's followed. And they continued dancing.

It was close to 1 am. Everybody except Aman was drunk. Akshita was searching for Aman . She excused herself from Prakhar and Nidhi and went for the restroom. She spent around 15 minutes there. While coming back she heard some noises from a store-room nearby.

As she put her ear to the door, she couldn't stop smiling as they were un-mistakingly love making sounds. The female voice felt familiar. "You sure are in some hurry, sugar", the voice said. That was Saloni; she had listened to her voice more that what she had seen of her.

"Hmmm! So that's where Aman is working out tonight", she thought and felt disgusted about his cheating on Pallavi. Her respect for Aman had risen after seeing him with Pallavi earlier this night where he didn't check out any other women around. "Damn these long distance relationships", she thought and wondered if same could happen to her some day.

"All men are the same", she said to herself and was about to move away before Saloni groaned with pleasure "You are amazing!....Prakhar!!"

Part 11

Part 1

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Meeting the other Guy!

A couple of weeks after the coffee at mocha's, she called him:

"Hello..", he answered yawningly. It was Saturday. The night before he had been partying hard with work colleagues. The hangover was bad even at 11:30 next morning.

"Prakhar arrived this morning. Let's catch up this evening. What do you say?", she was as excited as ever.

"Ohhhkay..", he yawned again.

"Cool! Have some lemonade right now though. Why do you guys have to drink in so excess?. Anyways take care. See you in evening. Bbye"

How can the life be more screwed? Expensive party, flat tyre, drunk and drive challan, bad hangover and the icing on the cake:
Meeting the boyfriend of the girl you like.

"Morning buddies", he tried to wave his hand to Nidhi and Vivek and then moved to fridge to check for lemons. Vivek was his flat mate cum business partner. He and Nidhi had been in relationship for nine long years. Yet, it seemed like their love was as fresh as new.

"Morning Ammmy! What happened? Bad hangover? Why do you guys have to drink in so excess?", she fired question shots.

"Not Again! Please", he ignored and then continued "And I am in a bad mood too"

"What happened dude?", asked Vivek.

"Have to go and meet this guy called Prakhar, I told you about"


"Akshita's boyfriend dude!"

"Ohhh! I remember. Hehe that's very cool..Infact brave hearted stuff!", Vivek punned.

"Oye Shut up! Not a time to joke! He must be feeling very bad now", she scolded Vivek and then continued "Do you think you need to go through this? I mean, you can avoid it. Can't you?"

"No yaar! I will manage. She trusts me for a second opinion on him. I have to do it." he made his way to bathroom.

"Awwww! Poor boy, he is sooooo into her. May god help him", Vivek chuckled again as a habit.

"I will slap you if you make fun of him again", she thundered.

"Sorry honey! Out of habit. I love you.". She was indifferent. "I said I looove you. Okay take this cushion and hit me". She did and they ended up having a cushion fight followed by a cuddle and a kiss.


"Hi! Prakhar"

"Hi! Aman"

"Hi! Akshita. What the F. Why do guys behave so formally in first meet? And just feed them chips and beer they will become talking machines."

They all laughed in agreement.

They discussed about all three of them. Akshita re-told Prakhar about the first meet they had. He tried to manage an uncomfortable artificial smile, as Akshita was detailing him about it. Aman told him about his work.

"Hmmm and tell us more about Pallavi", again she was excited.

"Pallavi?", he was bad with names. He recalled just in time who was Akshita referring to. "Yeah Pallavi of course!". He re-recited the stuff he said earlier.

"Hey last time you said she could be here in some time. Prakhar is here for next two weeks. Ask her to come in this period and maybe all four of us can set out for somewhere close by. What say?", she was getting curious about this Pallavi

"Yeah sounds like a good plan", he said instinctively and then thought over "Where would I bring a Pallavi from, now? Damn!"

"Cool! So that's done. Give me a call when she land up in the city"

They bid goodbyes. And as they left, he watched them go, wrapping arms around each other. Her head rested on his shoulder as they walked. She hit him on his arms a couple of times, while still not letting him go far. They seemed so happy and blissful. He smiled and turned back to make a move towards home.

"He is a right match for her, I have realized", he said while still staring outside the balcony.

"Dude! Are you becoming crazy?", said Vivek munching a handful of wafers.

"I mean, I don't see a point in trying. Maybe it was all destined as this."

"Nope man! Look they way you met not just once but twice, this sound like a plan of destiny, but for you and her", Nidhi said with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Don't go with that buddy! She is a big time fan of Srendipity, the film", Vivek warned and then smiled sheepishly at Nidhi when she glared at him.

"I don't know. I am confused", said Aman in a frustrated tone.

"Give yourself and this possible relationship a chance, buddy", Nidhi continued.

"I don't want to break it up for her"

"I am not asking you for that. I am just saying maybe you never gave her a chance. You said she was pragmatic about this relationship with Prakhar and not that much romantic about it."

"But the way they walked. I could see...", he paused midway.

"I am not saying it would be all farce. But, maybe she just ran out of options when she made that choice, like I did", she made face at Vivek. "Jokes apart, don't let it go that easily"

"Hmmm! She wants to meet Pallavi"

"Oh! That's great for us, we can add some spice of jealousy here", Nidhi smiled wickedly.

"There goes 'My best Friends Wedding' fan", said Vivek while watching Arsenal Vs Liverpool match highlights.

"But, where will I bring this girl from?"

"Umm!! Don't you have any female friends?", looking at his face "Oops! sorry wrong question."

"Why don't you become Pallavi, honey?", Vivek said browsing through channels pausing at FTV and then moving on, realizing Nidhi was alongside.

"That's not a bad idea at all. Wow this sounds fun", she had childlike joy on her face.

"Anything I can do my dear friends", said Vivek still staring at the screen.

"Yes! you be the chauffer! right!", said Nidhi and both of them laughed while Vivek showed some frowning skills.

The plan was on.

Part 10

Part 1

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Lies!

"Damn, why does it has to happen with me?” he thought. "If this was to happen, why did I meet her in first place? I will stop watching Shahrukh movies straightaway"

"Hey what happened? Lost is some thought?” she asked smilingly.

"Naah, just thinking about couple of meetings tomorrow, crucial ones", he lied.

"So, Aman! Tell me, you must have had many girl friends. Huh?” she probed.

"Yeah kind of! Have had some serious affairs and few casual ones", he lied again. "Cool! So do you have a girl friend now?” her eyes sparkled.

"Yes, she is in Delhi, Pallavi is her name!", again a lie.

"Cool, so how did you guys meet? On Delhi metro? Hehe...I am kidding. You tell me. I am all ears"

"Ummmm... I met her in September last year. I knew her beforehand through a common friend. She had a bad break-off about three months back. And we became good friends. We used to flirt a lot. We became excellent friends. Then when I started dating this another girl, from Pune, she proposed to me. And we kicked off. December 14th was the date. So roughly seven months now". He was applauding himself for coming up with a credible story so quickly and saying it unperturbed. Somehow he didn't want to let her know he had been a loser since ever. "That's it! What about yours?"

"Cool! Mine is rather a simple one. I went to this friend's birthday party at Kasbah Restaurant in GK1 and there I met with Prakhar, who had landed up as an accompany to his friend. We liked each other and started dating. He is working with Google, Hyderabad. That's it"

"So you guys serious for taking this up next level", seeing a inquisitive smile he continued "I mean wedding and all dear", and they both chuckled.

"Ummm he is a very good guy and I am beginning to think in that direction. Moreover I am not among those girls, who keep on waiting for Mr. Right until their dreams are shattered and then they settle for a compromise.", she said very objectively.

"Damn me! All hopes gone.” he thought and then said "Excellent line of thought."

"Hey he's coming over next month. If you are still here, let's all of us meet then and probably I can have a second opinion about him. You seem very experienced in these matters. You will help me, right? she fluttered her eyebrows and the smile got its maximum possible span.

"Yes! Why not", he said and thought "What an irony"

"Hey don't know how but you have become a great friend in just two meets", she exclaimed


"Oops! Correct, I forgot to count our first", and she giggled again.

His phone rang. He picked up.

The voice on the other side said, "Vodafone would like to greet its esteemed customer"

"Yes honey! How are you doing?"

"There have been some value added services which can be activated on your number for discounted price."

"Really, how? Cool, I don't want to miss that love. Book that one for me."

"For more information call our customer care service"

"Yes honey! Okay I will call back at night then."

"Thank you for using Vodafone"

"Bbye Sweetie! Take care” and he hung up. They exchanged formal smiles.

"Okay Aman! Thanks for a wonderful time and coffee", will call you sometime.

"Sure", they left the table after paying the bill.

"Bbye, see you later", she said as they shook hands. "Of course, bbye and take care"

They moved in opposite directions.

Part 9

Part 1

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Evening!

"A black coffee for me and Cappuccino for the lady".

"Sure Sir"

"So, how have you been lately? In fact how come you land up here? I mean, it’s been over a year since that day", he found it hard to control his excitement.

"Hehe! Nothing much, I joined here a week back as a system analyst in Mr. Sareen's team. Before that college's fourth year. What's up with you in last year", she said and giggled.

"Ha-ha! Dual accidents I must say. Well, I completed my MBA. I opted out of placements because wanted to open this consulting firm with my friend and batch-mate and then here I am pitching for clients", after a pause he continued "by bribing them by asking for a cup of coffee with me", and they both had a hearty laugh.

Then there was this abominable lull. Both just searching for second set of ice-breakers. He started again, "I wish I had taken down your orkut id that day. I came home to find that it was almost impossible to find me with the information you had.” Failing to see an expression, he continued "You remember about adding each other on orkut. Don't you?"

"Yeah, I do remember. In fact I searched once but couldn't find you.” she replied

A year ago

"Akshita, this is crazy. We can't divide profiles of over thousand Aman SharmaS amongst to manually check which freaky guy you met on metro.", Indra said.

"Indra, I know but can't help. Please help me sweetie", she pleaded.

"What a jackass he had been? Couldn't he have asked for your phone number?"

"Babes, it would have been too awkward, knowing that we met about 20 minutes ago"

"And isn't this awkward? What the hell?", she roared.

"Look I have checked till 59 pages. Will check till 60. Last page. Okay", she said and clicked next. The phone rang. "Yes mommy", she moved out in balcony as she talked. "Yes Indra is with me. We would reach Lajpat in about two hours"

The screen had just finished loading. The third profile read:

Aman Sharma
Mumbai, Delhi
About Me: Enjoying my stint at God's own Kampus

"Ya Mom", she moved closer to the computer. "Okies bbye, I have work to do", she hung up. "That's your 60th page. Go through it and then if you please can we leave?"

"Okay... let me see". *Poof* Power cut. The UPS was of no use. Almost simultaneously there were two voices
"Thank God, now can we leave"
"There you go", she agreed unwillingly. "Maybe we can find someone in IIMK who may be able to help"
"Hey don't be so desperate. If it has to happen maybe you will meet him again someday when you least expect him to", Indra winked
"Oh Please! It's so filmy. Okay let's go", she said as they moved out.

"Sir, Ma'am your coffees!", said the waiter, breaking the third abominable lull of the evening

The phone rang again. She picked up, "Yeah! I will be there by 10. Just out with an old friend. you too. Take care"

He started to ask a question, "So, boyfr..". She replied in between, "No, it was from my PG, my roommate, Nikita", she smiled.

Phew, a close one. He wanted to thump in air once again. But rather resorted to have a calm silent sip of the black coffee.

"My boyfriend lives in Hyderabad, though. His name is Prakhar"

Part 8

Part 1

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Meeting!

"Hi, I am Aman", he said and suddenly had a change of facial expression.

"errr... Hi.. Akshita", she had her share of changed expression too.

Both had familiarity with other's names and faces but rather were short on confidence account whether to ask it first or not. After all it was just 20-25 minutes trip. What if the other simply didn't have an idea who they were. These were the thoughts that were constraining each other from asking it first, "Are you the same person I met on that Delhi Metro blue line on that day in February last year?"

"Mr. Sareen must have briefed you about the project pitch, I guess", he started.

"Yes, he did. Although could you explain it further?"

"Sure! According to plan...", his eyes slipped to the same strands of hair which covered her ears in the same manner that they did last year... "Oops! I lost the track..I mean..we are scheduled to make a pilot project presentation"

"Yes! he mentioned about it...", she said trying to calm her facial expression.
She continued, "About the chronological planning and .........."

They have been some really tough 15 minutes.

"Alright then, we would reply back about your data request", she offered her hand for shake. "Nice speaking with you, Akshita...ummmmm... okay bye". "Hmm Bye", she replied.

She was sitting on her desk, watching him go towards the exit door, wishing he would turn back and say something. His legs were moving forward but the face was desperate to turn back and mouth to ask "Hey do you remember me?"

He pulled the exit door. He turned back. She had made up her mind. Both said simultaneously, "Do you reckon, we have met earlier?"

A sense of respite was clearly to be seen. Smiles exchanged and they knew they need not answer that question. They came nearer and it was very much like "Kuch Kuch Hota hai" scene where SRK and Kajol met for the first time in 8 years.

The phone rang. "Miss Grover! You have to make for the meeting with JNW associate."

She didn't want to leave. He helped, "Hey you go now! Why not we meet sometime...errr..this Mocha's"

"Okay", she said smilingly. They left the room together. Although moved in opposite directions.

He came outside the building. He wanted to take off his coat, throw it upwards and shout "Yippee", but instead he shouted, "Taxi".

Destiny it seemed had finally caught with him.

To be continued..... Part 7

Part 1

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And things continued!

June 2011

He had completed his MBA and had joined in an MNC. He had been thankful to them to get him an opportunity to work in Mumbai, the city of dreams.

Just another Monday morning. Rush hour. Mumbai never waits for you. And amidst that some things don't change.

Trringgggg.....tring. "Oh!", he said yawningly and followed by "Holy Crap! Not again"
It would 5th time in fortnight that he was going to be late. He decided to go for the meeting with the client instead. "Taxi", he shouted, still buttoning a couple of shirt buttons.

Screeeeeeechhhh....A cab halted. "Nariman Point, within 30 minutes". He must had been kidding when he said that. He was late for the meeting too. He called up the client's reception, "Hello this is Aman Sharma from *******, I had a meeting scheduled with Mr. Rahul Sareen".
"Wait a minute sir, let me check", said the pleasant sounding voice on the other side. "Sir he has left for another meeting. He waited for you quite a long".

"(Oh Crap) Hey there, I will be really grateful to you if you could arrange my meet with somebody else in his team"

"Sorry Sir, I can't"

"What if we can meet up this friday at Hard Rock Cafe"

"I doubt that sir"

"I mean, just for nice chit-chat"

"I will be going to Goa with my husband, sir"

"Ohh! I am extremely sorry. I didn't mean it..."

"No issues Aman", the voice chuckled, "I will try to arrange your meet with Miss Grover"

"Thanks, ....err...."

"Saloni, and by the way I am free next weekend. Thanks for calling *********"

He couldn't stop smiling on the last line. It wasn't long when his phone rang.

"Aman Sharma here"

"annn... Hi Mr. Sharma I am calling from ******"

"Oh! You must be Miss Grover. Am glad you called"

"Yes! We came to knew you couldn't make for the meeting with Mr. Sareen. So if you can over now, probably we can discuss few things."

"Sure, you will get me there in 5 minutes. Cheers. Bye"

She hung up the line. Alongside the phone receiver was a placard with "Akshita Grover" written over it....

Part 6

Part 1

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ek chhoti si "X" Story!!- Part 4

[DISCLAIMER: "X" is for relationship that didn't have a’s not adult rated :) ...The term "X" courtesy: Ms. Divya Arya]

After a pause she spoke again “You were looking miserable when you were boarding this train. What happened?” He told her whatever happened. “That was sure one of those off days”, she smiled. Was it anymore, he wondered.

And he also wondered, what it would have been if the events of the day didn't turn up as they did.


Two friends were talking:

"Dude, then what happened?"
"Nothing mann....
We talked a bit here and there. "Next station is Botanical Garden and then she said

"Okies Aman, this is my station it was nice meeting with you"

"Hey, are you on facebook? Maybe we could catch up later. Perhaps would love to know how are the things with you couple of years down the line."

"Sorry but I am not on facebook. I am or orkut though.” she said.

"Okies, what's your user name or id?” I asked

"Actually is a bit complicated... zizunch****"

"Oh! That's really complicated stuff. I would have a tough time remembering it. Lemme write it down somewhere!” I exclaimed

"Hey never mind, give me yours orkut name id"

"Its Aman Sharma. There might be a suffix IIMK. I haven't checked that in ages though"

"Okay I will add you. Bye Aman and have a nice day", she said and moved away. I wished she would stay, but doors closed with a double ping sound."

His friend asked "So, you guys became friends then?"

"Maybe, I had already lost my heart to her. But, I didn't admit that to myself. As I was unsure of my feelings for her, I named them "X", as an unknown mathematical quantity. But all the hopes were shattered when I could access internet only 4 days later to find that my Orkut account had some other name . Even changing it to Aman Sharma IIMK didn't throw my name in search results. And without IIMK, there were more than 1000 of Aman SharmaS. Searching "Me" was impossible on orkut. And I understood I had lost her forever.” he replied

His friend's face expression changed, "Idiot, you should have asked for her phone number"

"Hmmm, what you said is true, but looking back I don't regret. Okay let’s keep this discussion to ourselves and don't share this even with your Namita."

In September of 2013, the guy was getting married and was waiting for his bride to arrive when he shared his Chhoti si "X" story with one of his best friend. The friend was not so happy after listening to the story; rather he was furious over his friend's stupidity. But, he portrayed as usual, "according to scenario joyous face".

Just before the bride would come up to the podium, the guy whispered in his friend's ears, "Oops I forgot to tell. The girl's name was Akshita"

The face changed and glared onto the glowing wallpaper over the entrance which read, "Aman weds Akshita"

May be continued..... :)

Part 5

Part 1

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ek chhoti si "X" Story!!- Part 3

[DISCLAIMER: "X" is for relationship that didn't have a’s not adult rated :) ...The term "X" courtesy: Ms. Divya Arya]

"The next station is Rajouri Garden" said the automated announcer. The train which started with not more than a dozen in every coach was now more than filled with people taking help of hand supports which ran in a line along the middle of every coach with advertisements on all three sides of the hanging supports, which said something about a confidence to hold onto the hanging support without worrying about smell from one's armpit.

On one fine day of Indian summer, a guy had boarded a flight bound to Delhi from Mumbai to find him in a string of bad lucks: woke up late, paid hefty amount for taxi, lost his wallet. Amidst heavy luggage he was travelling in metro where he found a sweet girl, spectacled, long haired and ears plugged to her music cell phone, sitting in front of him reading a book on Computer Graphics.

She was gently swaying her head with the rhythm of the song being played on one of the 20 FM channels that Delhi had seen mushrooming over past five years. He got busy, or at least pretended to be busy under Business Week issue of that month that was filled with articles confirming the economy was on the pathway of revival.

"Jhandewaalan Station". A swarm of people filled in. Amongst them were a few old ladies. The guy saw the board above his neighbor's seat- "For Elderly and Physically Handicapped". But when he didn't see him move a muscle, he left his seat and invited the oldest of the lot to have the seat. The old lady smiled and blessed him. Another pair of lips smiled, behind the book of Computer Graphics, but they couldn't be noticed by him. The guy stood in between of the coach holding on to one of those hanging support (after making sure the deo on his armpit was still effective).

It wasn't long enough before the seat besides the girl got vacant at "Ramakrishna Ashram Marg..Station". A couple of guys pounced towards the vacant seat like electrons jump towards a positively changed nucleus. "Hey! Sit here!", said the sweet voice to the benevolent seat-sacrificer. The seat contestants had their face turn orange with frustration and disappointment. "Thanks", he said.

"Hi I am Aman", he said "Thanks for the gesture, Miss .."
"I have heard that for the first time, beautiful name"
"Hehe Thanks. Your gesture towards that elderly lady was nice too"
He smiled. And both got back to their books. "Next station is Rajeev Chowk. Doors will open on the left. Please mind the gap”

It was easy for a third person to realize that if respective test would have been taken about what the he was reading for last 5 minutes, he would have failed miserably.

She closed the book and took out some class notes. "Hey, can I see that book?, he asked.


"I had been through this book".

"Accha, when?"

"About 5 years ago, in my college 2nd year".

"Great, we have this in our 3rd year. I am studying at Amity University"


“So are you a Software Engineer?”

“No, actually I am pursuing my MBA from IIM Kozhikode, 2nd year would start in June. Before that, I worked for two years after my graduation, though nothing related to engineering”

“Great, IIM! I will be taking CAT this year, but those percentiles in 90s are a distant dream for me”

“Hmmm..So you have MBA aspirations because of a personal choice or just following the herd like me?”

She smiled “Maybe the latter”.

He smiled back “Then maybe you need not do an MBA. I did because I didn’t have any focus of what to ahead”.

“You are in IIM K and I should believe that you were out of focus. Common! Give me a break!”

“Arre, I am not kidding.”

“Yaya”. They both chuckled

After a pause she spoke again “You were looking miserable when you were boarding this train. What happened?” He told her whatever happened. “That was sure one of those off days”, she smiled. Was it anymore, he wondered.

to be continued....... Part 4

Part 1

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ek chhoti si "X" Story!!- Part 2

[DISCLAIMER: "X" is for relationship that didn't have a name...its not adult rated :) ...The term "X" courtsey: Ms. Divya Arya]

She delved deep in her book. The anxiety on the face could tell that the exams were near. Then her phone rang-"IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY SO I KNOW..." She picked it up-" Haan! Mumma I am on my way back. Will be there in another hour and a half....No, she's not with me....I don't know.......At savita aunty's place......two dozens....hmmmm...okies..bye love ya mumma!"

She again went in her books. The announcement said "Dwarka Station"

Meanwhile he did manage to get a place for two of the bags. The third bag didn't have place to go under the seat. He looked around for space. Then looked at the girl again. He thought of it as a point to start conversation with. He overcame his inhibitions and managed to blurt out-"Exuse Me! Do you mind if I put the suitcase beneath your seat?"

No Response. He was embarrassed. He began cursing himself for being a loser in life. Adding to that this day hadn't been great either, he thought.

Six hours ago: Mumbai

"Damn it!! It's 10 am! I have to catch the flight at 11! I am screwed", he said to himself so aloud that even his neighbors could hear. Lazy as he had been all these years, he didn't care to pack his luggage a night beforehand.

Hurriedly he put all that he could see in vicinity, thinking that he would come back anyways by the end of the month. "Trousers Check...Shirts check...Toothbrush and shaving kit check... Deodorant...Vanity box (yeah guys do have one)...Files..papers check...done". "Click" that was the sound of final buckle of the bag. He rushed outside looking for taxi.

But, strangely there were none. It was a strike. Seemingly a taxi driver was beaten up by few college guys who were then beaten to blood by his friends. He didn't have time to switch on the TV. He was looking around hopelessly when a car with private number stopped in front of him. "Airpot!! 900 Rupees", the person said. He had no choice. He got in. The driver just made in time for the scheduled flight arrival time and said "Have a nice day!". He smirked, collected the change 100 rupees, and rushed towards the entrance with the luggage.

He boarded the plane. The Air India flight was as usual with overgrown air hostesses. He got the worst possible seat, the middle one in the last row, which couldn't bend backwards. The plane took off. He was damn hungry. He heard the serving trolley moving, starting from the front row. When it reached him, he unfurled his mouth, "Non Veg". The fat lady said "Sorry sir, there is no more of non-vegetarian breakfast. take this veg one instead". He said to himself-"Yeah nice day"

The flight landed on time at IndiraGandhi International Airport, New Delhi. But, luggage took some serious time. His phone rang-"Corrs-The joy of life".
"Hello....ya...yes Sameer, I just landed...what...where from..dwarka?...sameer I am already getting late...can you...okay I will do it"

He took a cab to dwarka. Carried out the "instructions" and then when he was thirsty enough, he put his hand in his pocket to take out his wallet. Gone. Another great event in the great day. Thankfully all that was lost was some cash, credit cards and few unnecessary contact cards. He had some change in his shirt pocket left after paying off the driver at mumbai airport. In 100 Rupees all he could do was to catch a metro to Noida. Thankfully the nearest metro station was "a rikshaw" away.

He rushed towards the stairs with his luggage, panting badly because of the bad chest congestion.

"Hey you can keep your bag beneath my seat if you want", the voice came from front, taking off earphones from her ears, which were hidden by beautiful long hair, that reached her abdomen. That was a timely interruption. He smiled and moved the luggage in. She helped by moving her legs to one side.

He said "Thanks". She replied "Welcome! But you don't have to wait for help from others. Feel free to ask favors"
She again plugged the earphones and turned over a new chapter in the book- '3 D Transformation'

To be continued..... Part 3

Part 1