Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Awesumm wala trip's travelogue Day 3!!


Day 2 had been very good. The problem with Day 3 was that we would have spent almost whole day travelling. Anu had to leave for Trivendrum airport which reduced the travellers’ number to 10. The next destination was Munnar, a not so commercialised hill station famous for Tea Gardens. The trouble was our train would have taken us to Angamali, from where we would have found some way to go to Munnar.

Now, all the high maintenance people had been converted to low maintenance. So we boarded a bus from Angamali to “something something”. Now “something something” was a crowded urban area. We waited at the bus station for a bus for munnar. People had early morning idli vada as breakfast in the train, so they found a bakery cum juice shop to their respite.

After a wait of about 40 minutes, bus did arrive. We managed to find 10 seats and quickly went into sleep mode. Chiru and Aneesh had few troubles because of bus travel but we had to wait till next 12 hours before we got our first casualty to “loose motions”

Deepika and Shaily had reached Munnar in advance and booked a good cottage for us. During the last hour of travel, most of us realised it was cold out there and very few had actually got garments for the purpose. Thanks to Anu I had a jacket that was able to cover my arms till my elbows and my waist 3 inches above my belt buckle. But beggars couldn’t have been chosers.

In this part of our travel, Neha and I invented a game of conversating only in questions. (Credits shared with Luniya). Neelu and Divya joined and then I wasn’t proud of being a co-inventor of the game. We had dinner in supposedly the best non-veg restaurant. They didn’t serve boneless chicken. So I was disappointed as were my fellow meaty-mates.

Cottage was great and we felt like one big family in that bedroom with 5 beds. Adjoining were 3 bathrooms, which did have geysers but hot water was avaiable only in wee hours (7-9 am). Few of us took baths with that freezing water.

The following day wasn’t going to be good for Santosh and me. But before that the night wasn’t going to be great for few more, as were going to discover the power of “The snore”. And Daisy wasn’t alone this time. When I and Body made way to our beds, we couldn’t stop laughing (for me read coughing as well), when every moment was coupled with snoring music composed by Daisy and Neelu. We somehow got to sleep. Day 4 was bekoning us.

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