Monday, March 14, 2011

The Awesumm wala trip's travelogue Day 0!!

What does MBA (oops Post Graduate Diploma in Management) teaches you? We employed all of that while setting off on our (11 later 10 later 12 amazing people) great South India trip.

Doing things “just in time”, in accordance of principle of “time value of money” (spending extravagantly early in the trip, to realize self on Eco mode 2 days into the excursion”, “money value of time” (i.e deferring time expenditure on an activity), “last mover’s advantage” (cuz anyways the ones to get ready have to wait for the ones who dress up last, not always girls, in this case), “Dual leadership” (cuz everybody needs someone, sometime to blame for something at someplace etc. (a phrase meant to show people/readers to believe you know more than you actually do)

And how could we miss our own contribution to the world of philosophical Jargonology and redefined principles like ABC theory, threshold principal, peer/beer pressure and Human behavior, which in totality can explain any damn event under the sky. More on that, later. Copyrights owned by PartyPPlz.

It all started when we (the PartyPplz, the only college gang with a “Z” in their name) that almost everybody other than them was partying on and off the Kampus. The problem with a big group is that nobody (including me) wants to take initiative upon executing a plan.

Under such trying circumstances, couple of creatures from Venus, took the matter in their hands, roughly outlining the plan for a 10 day excursion of South India. With just two days in beginning planned for (courtesy Indian Railways and their online reservation system), the trip ended up being more random than even what it promised initially.

So, on Mar 1st 2011, 11 people were scheduled to leave Calicut aka Kozhikode for the “Once in lifetime adventure” (damn!! I should have undersold it). 1 hour before the train departure, Neelaksh comes to my room, asking for Iron for he was left with nothing in civilized wearing condition for the trip. Add to that couple of undergarments, which were still wet owing to all year long humid weather of Kerala.
Anyways, we did manage to start “Just in time”, with Neelu even pleading to stop at a juice hawker en-route to station. Everyone was brutal enough to negate the possibility. We arrived at station 15 minutes in advance, with Neelu cursing us for not stopping for his much desired Juice bar.

5 minutes into the events, we found ourselves searching for Neelu’s suitcase (which now had all the clothes that could fit him after a year of swelling up). I went back to the place where we unloaded all the luggage from the cab and upon not-finding the missing suitcase, asked a Police personnel, if he had spotted any unclaimed luggage. Lucky for Neelu (his only clothes that could fit) and for us (as it threatened our entire trip, at the very beginning), we found it in his possession.

Train was already on the platform. And I was made the (C)FO, handling all the common expenses. It was five minutes to the departure when I was told by Anuradha that dominos guy was on his way to deliver pizzas. Shocked initially, I found myself waiting at the station gate looking for dominos guy and train at the same time, cuz as priorities both (cheese burst pizza and boarding the train) felt equally important. With 2 minutes to go for the departure, a call from our bogie pleasantly surprised me when told that Dominos guy had delivered the pizzas in our coach. Dominos Rocks!!

Later, to my disappointment I found that the pizzas were non-cheese burst. It was just 2 hours into the trip and a lot had happened for me to write about. After few couple more people were either dozing off or busy in small talks in small groups. I was simultaneously told that “Plan mein thoda change hone ka”. We were disembarking the train at Kovlam, giving Kanyakumari a miss by a day.

To be continued…….

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